Many Yahoo boys will kill their parents in the coming days – Lady says

A lady has lamented that there may be a rise in the cases of internet fraudster a popularly known as Yahoo boys or G-boys, killing their parents in the coming days.

The lady, Oluwatoyin Adeyemi attributed her claim to how some parents encourage their children engaging in fraud and illegitimate business.

Posting on her Facebook page, she wrote:

Who else saw the video of the G-boy who almost succeeded in killing his mum? I watched it on Gistlover today.

There was another one in the news like early this January. So this is the second of such unfortunate occurrence in less than a month.

It was a very disturbing video. There was blood all over. The son had fruits, charms and other sacrifice items. The mother was only able to escape by removing a window frame and jumping out through the opening.

I’m not sorry to say that we may have more of such strange occurrences in the coming days considering how some parents are so much unconcerned about their children’s source of wealth. They are so unbothered and would even in some cases encourage their sons or daughters in their illegitimate business.

This craze, this ‘desperacy’ for money among these young adults in their late teens and early twenties is alarming. There was also a video of some young guys using their own faeces to ate bread right in the middle of a major expressway in Imo State.

Some parents go as far as getting spiritual help for their sons engaged in internet fraud. There are also those illiterates who hand over their children to successful Internet fraudsters for training.

A ‘Yahoo’ boy who does not feel bad defrauding an old white lady of all her retirement benefits has lost his conscience and someone whose conscience is dead is capable of anything.

In fact there is this argument that it is ‘Yahoo Plus’ they do now which is another name for money ritual.

A Yoruba adage says “Your child is not a washerman but he keeps bringing home clothes.” Why won’t a parent try to investigate the source of your child’s wealth? If he is into evil rituals and he won’t desist, give him space while you pray for a change of his heart.

Meanwhile dear parents, warn your daughters to desist from following men with questionable source of wealth. A man who defrauds or ‘uses’ human beings or other means for money rituals will eventually use his wife or child someday when he becomes really desperate.

Teach your children contentment. Let them understand that money is not everything!

May we not give birth to children that will kill us🙏

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