Killers of our daughter must be beheaded now – Family of girl slaughtered for money ritual in Ogun

The family of the girl slaughtered by some teenage boys in Oke Aregba area of Abeokuta, Ogun State, has demanded that the killers of their daughter should be beheaded immediately.

The family while pleading that justice must not be delayed, asked that the boys should be slaughtered in the same manner they slaughtered their daughter, who was a girlfriend to one of the arrested boys.

Four boys aged between 17 and 20 years were arrested in Abeokuta while burning the head of the slain girl in a local pot.

Muinat Okeowo, an elder sister to the deceased girl had said she was named Sofiat Kehinde and not Rofiat.

Okeowo added that she and other members of the family observed that Sofiat was getting close to one of the boys named Mustakeem Balogun, whom they said she attended the same Islamic society (Asalatu) with.

According to her, Sofiat was warned to stay away from the boy, adding she could not understand the connection between Mustakeem and Soliu Majekodunmi, who the police described as her boyfriend.

The elder sister explained that Sofiat left home on Friday evening, leaving the food she was cooking on fire.

“She promised to come back sooner, but we didn’t see her around 8:30 to 9pm. We were worried because she had never slept outside the house before. I called her, she said she was on her way. Around 10pm, her number was no more available. I went home.

“On Saturday morning, I came around to ask about her and our mother said she didn’t come home. I was surprised. Later, we heard that a girl was killed at Oke-Aregba. When we got there, I saw people watching a video of where Mustakeem was confessing. I was shocked. We went to the police station At Adatan and the DPO said Sofiat had been killed.

“As we speak, we can’t tell our mother about this incident. She has been taken to Ifo because she is hypertensive.”

In her demand, Okeowo said, “This must not go unpunished. Whoever kills a soul must also be killed. Their heads should be cut the way they cut my sister’s head. The case must not be delayed. Those boys should be killed immediately.”

Supporting Okeowo’s demand for justice, an uncle, Akeem Ramon of Isale-Oja Kuto, Abeokuta, said: “There are many cases that have been swept under the carpet, you will later see the suspects moving freely, boasting that there is nothing money cannot do. If government wants to be fair to us, those boys should be killed immediately in the presence of everybody. We won’t like a situation where the case will suffer several adjournments and delay. They should be killed immediately in the open.”

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