Airline Operators hike economy class ticket to N50,000, give reasons

Airline Operators of Nigeria (AON) have hiked the price of flight tickets for economy class to Fifty thousand naira.

The increment was concluded at the meeting of the operators in Lagos on Saturday.

The operators outlined the high cost of jet A1 fuel, forex scarcity, double-digit inflation, increase in ground handling charges, cost of buying and importing spare parts as reasons for the increment.

The increase has since taken effect immediately with price changes obvious on the website of many airlines.

SunNews reports that tickets from Lagos to Abuja in economy class, which used to cost between N29,000 and N35, 000, are now N50, 000. Economy tickets from Lagos to Abuja start at N50,000 on the websites of Dana Air, United Nigeria, Azman Air, Air Peace, and Max Air. Ibom Air costs N53,00, while Aero Contractors, which used to cost N26,000, now costs N48,365, and Arik Air costs N48,500. Green Africa, on the other hand, which used to sell for N20,000, is now selling for N39, 000, excluding luggage costs.

The increase comes amidst rising inflation in the country and continued economic hardship.

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